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Commercial Grade
Hotel, Resort and Timeshare Mattresses

When guests get a great night's sleep they are more likely to stay at the property again and recommend it to their friends and family. A mattress that provides comfort and durability is the key to a great night's sleep.

Southern Lady contract mattress sets are made exclusively for the commercial hospitality and resort industry. We specialize in boutique resorts, coastal properties, and independent hotels, which are not mandated to purchase the same mattress nationwide at each resort.

Different resorts have different needs; some prefer firmer, more durable, flip beds, some prefer a no flip super plush model, and many prefer something in between.

  Sleeper Sofa Matts  
ChiroTech Mattress  

Chiro Tech

Total Edge Support


Heavy Steel Coil

  • All coil units are twice tempered and compressed and crated under 15,000 lbs. of pressure - they will not bend, sag, or break.
  • Various coil counts provide comfort and pricing options on different models - select models use less coils than others for a plusher feel.

Foam Encased Edge Support

  • 3" of 1.8 density firm foam is utilized on Southern Lady commercial bedding for the ultimate edge seating, appearance and durability.
  • Ask our competitors what density they use.

2-Side Flip Durability

  • Southern Lady highly recommends a 2-sided flip mattress for the best durability. Don't believe that a no flip will outlast a flip; it's about value. We do make no flip premium models for those clients who understand the pros and cons.
  • Our educated representative can give you options for flip or no flip.

Mattress Height

  • Standard heights are measured by the crown of the mattress and are from 10" - 14".
  • Duralast All Wood Boxprings are offered in 9", 6" or custom sizes to accommodate clients' needs.

Premium Fabrics

  • Most of our mattresses use softer, designer, yet tough fabrics for the best look and feel.
  • Select models utilize a tougher, stiffer, more economical fabric.
  • Ask about our bamboo, cool, and organic fabric upgrades.

Made in the South Carolina

  • Weil's Mattress (aka Southern Lady) has been manufacturing mattresses in Charleston since 1914.

U.S.A. and Family Owned

  • Many brand name companies are not owned by the same companies as they used to be, and several are not even owned by US Companies. Southern Lady has never changed name or ownership through recessions or good times; something we are very proud of.
  Duralast Foundation Boxspring  

Duralast All Wood Boxspring

  • Virtually Indestructable
  • Abuse Proof
  • Always provides firm and level support
  • Will never sag or bend
  • Recoverable for a new look
  • 9" height
  • 15 year warranty*
  Commercial Grade Foundation Boxspring  

Commercial Grade Foundation

  • Exceeds industry standards
  • 1 x 6 center support
  • 9" height
Made In America


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